Minneapolis-Saint Paul is one of the largest and fastest growing tech regions in the country. Come to a place where you can plant roots and branch out.

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You solve problems. You don’t wait to be asked. And you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves. You need a place where hard work is rewarded and risks pay off. A place where your expertise can make a huge impact. A place where you can both plant roots and branch out. A place where you can grow.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) is one of the fastest growing tech cities in the nation. We’ve seen Fortune 500s transform and startups find their footing. From healthcare to industry to retail and beyond, our tech community is shaping culture and moving us all toward better living. We’re eager to see what develops next and we’re looking for people like you who are eager to develop with us.

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Get to know Minneapolis-Saint Paul

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Julieta Felix

Julieta moved from the Southwest to work for a leading retailer and discovered a purpose-driven tech community.

“There’s a very healthy level of competition and collaboration."


Jasmine Russell

Jasmine moved from the Midwest and started A tech company in the country’s most generous arts economy.

“We’re leading the charge in creative innovation & funding.”


Francene Nguyen

Francene MOVED from Silicon Valley after discovering the Twin Cities Startup Week fly-in program for jobseekers.

“The quality of life here is a lot more balanced and happier.”


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Stay tuned for more profiles from Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Special thanks to Venn Media and local technology community GROUPS LIKE THESE for partnering on events AND HELPING US DISCOVER NEW STORIES TO TELL.


Why Minneapolis-Saint Paul?


MSP IS HOME TO more than 136,000 tech jobs at everywhere from startups to our 18 fortune 500 headquarters. we are a tech giant hiding in plain sight. PEOPLE HERE power global leadERS in food, water, health, finance, retail & more.


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Minneapolis-Saint Paul Events



Here are a few upcoming highlights.

For additional events, visit local community resources and calendars like TECHdotMN, Minne Inno, and Pollen.




“Minneapolis-St. Paul boasts a diverse array of tech jobs ranging from hot startups to cutting-edge jobs in biotech.”

– Zip Recruiter, 2018